Hague D280 Linker


This electronic linking machine from Hague allows you to quickly and professionally link seams of your knitted projects.  The circular linking process allows you to link seams of any length.  This is the type of machine that professionally made knitwear is joined with.  You have the ability to join your pieces together with the same yarn that it was knit with.  Collars, side seams, shoulders, neck bands, button bands, sleeves, blanket edges, etc… you name it, it’s no problem on this amazing machine!


  • Gauge: Standard
  • 220 Points
  • 7 PPI (Points Per Inch)
  • Yarns: Up to sport weight for linking.  Can link projects in heavier yarns with a thinner yarn used for linking

Want to clear out your stash?

A new knitting machine can help you work through your stash faster. So satisfying! Purchase a new SK280 knitting machine and start using up that stash!


Included with the original machine:

  • Extra Needle
  • Protective Point Ring Cover
  • Instruction Manual
  • Foot Controller Pedal
  • Threading Hook
  • Yarn Holding Peg
  • Yarn guide Hook