Get Unstuck

Project Selection Services

Have yarn? Need help using it?

Sometimes you just get stuck. You may have purchased your yarn along with a project that you are no longer in love with. Or you may have purchased it without a project in mind. Either way we can help.

Our “Project Selection Services” are one-on-one consultations between the Fiber Rhythm Staff and you. We work with you and the supplies you currently have. We help you decide what you might be able to do and we show you the math (if you want to see it). In the end, we help you evaluate your options and get you back on track.

How do I get started?

Sign up for a virtual session online (we charge a nominal fee). Sessions last 30 minutes. This is usually enough time to work through getting one project revitalized. 

    Remember, when you take action, things will get done. 

    Schedule a Session