Equipment and Knitting Machines in the Studio

The Fiber Rhythm Studio is a place where you can come in and work on getting more knitting projects done by using our Knitting Machines. These home machines also allow you to try techniques that you might not be ready to do by hand, such as tuck stitch and fair isle. 

(For the time being, the Studio is closed to non-employee use).

We work to maintain a good variety of machine types in the studio: bulky, mid-gauge, and standard; ribbers, yarn changers, and pattern tracers; electronic machines and punch-card machines; used and new. In addition to the knitting machines, we also have linkers, ball winders, and cone winders to help make your projects go smoothly.

We sometimes receive used knitting machines that we do not need to keep for working studio equipment. These are put up for sale, usually as-is. Look through the list of equipment and knitting machines we currently have below. Filter them by categories such as brand, gauge and machine type. Those that are available for sale are noted. If you have any questions about the capabilities of these machines, please contact us.