About the Fiber Rhythm Studio

At the Fiber Rhythm Studio we know that you want to be both creative and productive. In order to feel that way, you need to get your craft projects done. The problem is that you often have unfinished projects blocking your way which makes you feel stuck.

We understand.

We believe that life is too short to be working on projects that don’t bring you joy.

No one should have to tackle those projects alone. That is why we help people like you find the right projects to start with, find the right tools for the job, and help you finish those projects that you just can’t do right now.

Here’s how the Fiber Rhythm Studio can help:

  • When you set up a project evaluation appointment, we can help you figure out what your next project should be and what you might need to learn in order to accomplish it. Once you’ve worked through the choices with us, you’ll be confident about moving forward on your own. Read more about our project selection services here.
  • If you are looking for a faster way to create hand knits, we can help you explore your options in the home knitting machine world. Its facinating! Read more about selecting a knitting machine here.
  • If you just have too many projects or just too little time, we can help you by taking over some of the crafting tasks. Anywhere from just weaving in the final ends of a project you’ve already completed, to knitting an entire sweater you never got around to starting. Talk to us and we can help you figure out a way! Read more about our project completion services here.

Remember, when you take action, things will get done. 

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